I am proud to be an Indian.

Bio: Hey, Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. Hi, I am Shivani Gupta, Chartered Accountant by profession and a blogger, writer and freelancer by choice.

You will find posts on daily inspirational stuff, motivational stories and anecdotes, number of unique websites and blogs for all your needs, information about unique and latest products and technologies, posts on creativity, art, nature, beauty, photography beyond camera, wisdom quotes, positive vibes, articles on various topics from all the major fields which contribute to make a beautiful life, and much more positive and eye catching stuff which I love sharing with my audience.

I am the founder of E – Learner’s club –http://elearnersclub.wordpress.com/ ; Discover Indians –https://discoverindians.wordpress.com/ ; Vocab Bank –https://vocabbankblog.wordpress.com/ and started a campaign by the name of “Save The Mother Earth” in memories of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for plantation of trees to fulfill his dreams and become a contributor towards climate change.

You can also find my articles on pajamaworkers.com, www.dailyzen.co.uk and coming soon on other sites. I am also serving as an author for My Trending Stories. Remember to Follow my site and get connected with me. It will be a great experience.

Together we can work to make this world a better place and let’s share great ideas, imaginations, innovations and positive stories to learn from each other and apply it to the places it’s required most.

Lets connect together to bring the required positive changes in this earth. Each individual has the power and the potential to do anything he/she wish. It’s only a matter of recognition, will power and determination. I love to be inspired, motivated and improve the quality of live I am living as well as inspire the same to others too.

Everyone says “Yes, I can” but I say “Yes, I have to” and that makes a big difference. Anyone can dream big and live a life he or she wants to live. It’s all a matter of choice and passion. I have chosen an activity of reading and writing and to share all what knowledge and experience I have and gain continuously to everyone out there, compelling the sleeping souls to wake up and pursue our dreams.

I wish that I can invoke a feeling in myself and others that at the end of our life we can say, “Oh..well we did it in the best possible way what we can, instead of regretting what we could have done…”

I am a self-motivated, pro-active, optimistic and a cheerful person. I love to be inspired, motivated and improve the quality of live I am living as well as inspire the same to others too. Reading is an integral part of my daily routine and I suggest it must be the same for everyone. It not only enhances our knowledge but provides us a greater horizon to think and create.

You can feel free to catch me up at ca.shivani@icai.org or share any of the positive stories or ideas to be shared with a large audience.

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