Astonishing bodypainting art where human bodies are submerged with the nature even without being noticed at some places.

Without any Photoshop or photoediting, bodypainters Leonie Gené and Joerg Duesterwald worked with photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida in seamlessly integrating the human body into natural landscapes. Called Metamorphosis, the project blends naked models into everything from rock formations to curly trees, making them a beautiful extension of their environment. The body poses coupled with the artistic bodypainting magically make the models disappear into the background. The photographers are strict about not using any post processing. In fact, all pictures are taken on location and all models are painted right on the spot.

For more details visit: Metamorphosis-bodypainting

29 Beautiful Countries Indians Can Travel To Without A Visa

Miniature winged insects made from discarded circuit boards.

Artist Julie Alice Chappell creates beautiful miniature sculptures of insects using circuit boards found inside discarded electronics.

Sew Wanderlust by Teresa Lim

Sew Wanderlust by Teresa Lim

SINGAPORE- china town


PRAGUE – charles bridge

PRAGUE – Old town

PERTH – Serpentine Falls

LONDON – Big Ben


GERMANY – Laufersweiler

VIETNAM – Ha Long Bay



Incredible Art work by Johannes Stotter

Colorful Chameleon and frog – Can you guess what they actually are?

Yes, indeed they are incredible art work by Johannes Stotter. You will be amazed when they actually start moving.

Website for earning and getting jobs done – People Per Hour


People per hour

A website to Get Your Job Done for everything your web project needs.

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Website for getting things done and earning some extra money – Task Rabbit


Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is the smart way to get things done by connecting you with others in your neighborhood. At Task Rabbit you can outsource your household errands and skilled tasks to trusted people in your community.

Task Rabbit finds the best people to help their clients. You can outsource errands you don’t want to do. Clients can relax while Task Rabbit takes care of your TO DO List.

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Website for groceries delivered in an hour at your doorsteps as well as to make extra money


Groceries Delivered in an Hour

Free delivery or pickup on your first order over $10!

Instacart also pays you to shop grocery for their customers.

If you’re a resident of Boston, San Francisco, Denver or one of the other 12 major cities where Instacart operates, you can apply to become a shopper on your own time and earn up to $25 an hour.

Wind powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe

DESIGN: Wind-Powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe

Kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe lives and works in a rural area in Eastsound, Washington surrounded by little more than trees, wind, and other natural elements that inspire his incredible kinetic sculptures.

Howe works primarily with stainless steel which he welds to create carefully engineered objects powered by the slightest breeze.


Delicate artistic paper masks of animal faces full of colours and beauty

Paper masks by Mlle Hipolyte

French artist Mlle Hipolyte’s colorful paper masks feature intricate, origami-like designs to form whimsical animal faces that people can really wear. Feathery paper triangles stacked in layers create a rich texture that resembles fur. The artist skillfully chooses and arranges slips of complementary shades of paper to create a sense of depth. The masks include some of the most adorable and beloved creatures in the animal kingdom, such as raccoons, foxes and tigers. They can offer an imaginative outlet for a child’s playtime, and they’re good for grown-ups, too: Imagine the possibilities for costume parties and whimsical home decorations.

Although primarily an illustrator, Hipolyte branches out into three-dimensional art through his paper creations He’s also known for adorable paper-animal wall hangings and magnificent free-standing animal sculptures made entirely out of paper.