Incredible ocean and nature photography by Careron Watts

By Cameron Watts
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Nembrotha cristata nudibranch, Bunaken Marine Park, Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Mixed school of yellowtail and blue and yellow fusilier, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia. | Matthew Oldfield

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Mindfulness, Meditation

If your mind is racing like a washing machine, mindfulness brings it to a resting point. Meditation is like hitting a reset switch.

We are too busy worrying, obsessing, or panicking – filled to the brim with thoughts of the past or the future. Meditation make you totally immersed in the present moment.

We keep thinking about past or future, without being mindful to the task on hand, But when we are mindful to the task we are doing it is called Meditation. Meditation is not only spiritual or an activity to perform, it’s an ongoing process to stay present in what you do and enjoy the vibrations. It can be when you are walking, when you are having your cup of tea or coffee, or when you are washing your dishes, it’s only the mindfulness of being present and feeling it.


Beautiful Brassica oleracea or wild cabbag

Pictured: Brassica oleracea, or wild cabbage is a plant belonging to brassica brassica family

Argentina Horticultural Society
Since 1936 the Community Service

Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

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