Dreams are today’s answers for tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce

What a wonderful quote..!

Success is Not Measured just on the Oprah or Bill Gates’ Level

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Surreal Handmade Paper Collages offer a Seamless View of Otherworldly Scenes by John Turck

Collages by John Turck  by hand that blend elements from pop culture, nature, and architecture in such a way that are sure to make onlookers stop and stare. Most of the material is being collected from books and magazines by the artist.

Edible Monsters by Zim and Zou

Edible Monsters by Zim and Zou

The talented pair installed displays of intricate, three-dimensional work bursting with color and environmental messages. Created mostly out of carefully cut paper, Zim and Zou’s series illustrates the harmful effects GMO’s and aggressive farming can have on the environment, our own bodies, and the food industry as a whole.

Zim & Zou - Paper Installations

Zim & Zou - Paper Installations

Ann Carrington Reused Old Pearl Necklaces and Earrings to Construct Huge Sailing Ships

Wing Wo Wave and White Cloud City by Ann Carrington

These two constructions are inspired by and built after two of the largest factories in China, they are about pearls and the discrepancy between their perceived status of being timeless status symbols of refined taste and wealth and the often very unromantic reality.

Speaking about her work Carrington says: “Mundane objects like knives and forks, barbed wire, pins and paintbrushes come with their own readymade histories”

Mirror Installations by Shirin Abedinirad

Mirror Installations by Shirin Abedinirad

Shirin Abedinirad - Evocation - Land Art #1.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Evocation - Land Art #3.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Evocation - Land Art #4.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Evocation - Land Art #6.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Narcissus - Land Art #1.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Narcissus - Land Art #5.jpg

Shirin Abedinirad - Narcissus - Land Art #3.jpg

Spanish Banksy by Spy

A Large Coin Mural Made with Thousands of Eurocents in a centric neighborhood in the city of Bilbao, Spain by Spy.

For the project the artist glued thousands of 2 cent coins to a wall to create a large mural spelling the word “Crisis”.
After completion the installation was left free and unguarded for the public to interact with. All the coins disappeared in less than 24 hours.

Sculptural Blooms Made with Thousands of Ceramic Shards by Zemer Peled

Sculptural Blooms Made with Thousands of Ceramic Shards by Zemer Peled

Artist Kayo Yokoyama creates beautifully detailed glass sculptures engraved with trees.

Illuminated Forests in the UK by Ellie Davies

Illuminated Forests in the UK by Ellie Davies

Life Quotes: Inspirational Quotes On Life That Will Motivate You


17 Of The Most Magnificent Trees Mother Nature Has Ever Produced

17 most magnificent trees mother-nature has ever produced

1. 125+ year old rhododendron “tree” in Canada


2. 144-year-old Wisteria in Japan



4. Wind-swept trees in New Zealand


5. Japanese maple in Oregon


6. Antarctic Beech covered in hanging moss in Oregon


7. Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany


8. Angel Oak in South Carolina


9. The aptly named Flamboyant Tree in Brazil


10. Dragonblood Trees, Yemen


11. The President, third-largest Giant Sequoia tree in the world, California


12. Maple Tree tunnel, Oregon


13. Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawaii


14. Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa


15. Avenue of Oaks at Dixie Plantation in South Carolina


16. Baobab Trees in Madagascar


17. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland


These Intricate & Beautiful Mud Paintings On A School’s Walls In Bihar Will Blow Your Mind


Man Pushes Wife To Save Himself From A Sinking Cruise Ship. But The Reality Is Priceless.

A great lesson from the story.
Everything happens for a reason.
Whatever happens, happens for good.
What’s wrong or unjust from one’s perspective may be right from another’s perspective.
We have one life, live it fully, love it, spend it with people who care for you. Enjoy every moment. At the end only memories remain. Gather good ones.