Unconventional Christmas Trees which you have never seen

Ocean Shell Christmas Trees 8 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Ocean Shell Christmas Trees (Image Soure: Nicedecors.com)

Tissue Paper Trees 9 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Tissue Paper Trees by Nicedecors.com

Stepladder Christmas Tree 10 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Stepladder Christmas Tree by nicedecors.com

Strip Christmas Tree 12 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Strip Christmas tree by nice decors.com

Used Wine Corks Christmas Tree 13 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Used Wine Corks Christmas Tree by nice decors.com

Amazing Wall Collection Tree 14 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Amazing Wall Collection Tree by nicedecors.com

Fruits and Vegetables Tree 2 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Fruits and Vegetables Christmas Tree by nicedecors.com

Floating jumble Christmas Tree 5 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Floating jumble Christmas Tree by Nicedecors.com

Christmas Tree with jumble 7 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree with jumble by Nicedecors.com

Recycled Materials Christmas Tree (Image Source: news.xinhuanet.com)


Moutain Dew Cans Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Mountain Dew Tree)

Gold Tree

Pure Gold Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Today)


Glass Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Laura Bielecki)

Cork Tree

Wine Cork Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Books Tree

Bookshelf Improvisation Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Juniper Books)

Ribbon Tree

Ribbons Christmas Tree. (Image Source: WhipperBerry)

Merry Tree

Mirrored Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Michael Johansson)


Balloon Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Milk Magazine)

Recycled Tree

Recycled Paper Craft Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Interior Provisions)

Sushi Tree

Sushi Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Walyou)

LED Tree

LED Christmas Tree. (Image Source: ZedoMax)


CD & Cassette Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Gadget Review)

Teddy Bear Tree

The Rocks Christmas Tree. (Image Source: The Rocks)

Pacman Tree

PAC-MAN Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Favim)


Mobile Phone Christmas Tree. (Image Source: VeryVietnam)

Hubcap Tree

Hubcaps Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Worleygig)


Steel Christmas Tree. (Image Source: PBase)

Heineken Tree

Heineken Beer Bottles Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Oddity Central)

Teddy Bear Tree

Teddy Bear Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Sparklette)


Christmas Tree In Beirut. (Image Source: LA Times)

Swarovski Christmas Tree

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Luxuo)

Madrid Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree In Madrid. (Image Source: Enric Archivell)

Varna Tree

Christmas Tree In Varna. (Image Source: Panoramio)

Brazil Tree

Christmas Tree In Brazil. (Image Source: CBS News)

Hillside Tree

Hillside Christmas Tree. (Image Source: CatholicVote)

Building Tree

Illuminated Building Christmas Tree In Tokyo. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

Germany Tree

Christmas Tree In Germany. (Image Source: LA Times)


LEGO Christmas Tree. (Image Source: The Verge)

Sprite Bottle Tree

Sprite Bottle Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Demilked)

Traffic Light Tree

Traffic Light Christmas Tree. (Image Source: William Warby)

Money Origamy Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Homemade gifts made easy)

Wrapping Paper roll Christmas Tree (Image Source: www.dogsdonteatpizza.com)

Bookshelf Christmas Tree (Image Source: stylefrizz.com)

Rubber Pipes Christmas Tree (Image Source: inhabitat.com)

Christmas tree made of dining cups & plates (tranxene via Reddit)

Fruit Art Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura)

Buttons Christmas Tree. (Image Source: Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura)

Book Pile Christmas Tree (Image Source: www.archioo.com)

Book Pile Christmas Tree (Image Source: booknerdreviews.com)

Food Art Christmas Tree by www.gemrielia.ge

Cookies Christmas by www.kalld.com

Ginger bread Christmas Tree by www.domesticsluttery.com

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree by www.recyclart.org

Timber Sticks Christmas Tree 1 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Timber sticks christmas by nicedecors.com

Image Sourcce: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

Newspaper Christmas Tree 15 15 Artistic Christmas Tree Decorations

Newspaper Christmas Tree by amazinginteriordesign.com

Tyre Christmas tree via flickr.com

Snow covered area of Mount Javornik, part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia

Marko Korosec captured the breathtaking results of what happens to a place when it’s subjected to a long period of snow, wind, and ice. For 10 days, extreme weather pummeled the area of Mount Javornik, part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia as well as a popular ski locale.

Cleary Summit USA

Cleary Summit (USA) by Alexis Coram || Website

Merry Christmas to all the readers, followers, friends and well wishers

Snow covered Christmas tree with colorful lights by IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) Photographed at dusk, shortly after a snow storm. 

Shadow of Knives

Shadow of Knives: Incredible Silhouettes Cut from the Blades of Butcher Knives by Li Hongbo
For his latest exhibit titled “Shadow of Knives”, at Contemporary by Angela Li in Hong Kong, artist Li Hongbo, created a brand new series of metal silhouette sculptures cut from butcher knives. The cold, hard metal along with the simple, clean lines form a stark contrast to the messages that Li is trying to convey. “The sculptures are a warning to society” he explains, “Human beings will eventually destroy themselves because of their gluttony and their abuse of animals.”

Adorable Beautiful Birds – Special Species

Pileated Woodpecker with her young

Barred Owls, South Florida (Photo by Liza Morffiz)

Hooded Merganser
(Photo by Seetharam Maddali)

The Chestnut-bellied Euphonia, found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

The (most elegant) Tufted Coquette—a hummingbird so tiny that it’s often mistaken for a large bee. They breed in eastern Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana and northern Brazil. (Photo by Glenn Bartley)

Red-winged Fairy Wren, endemic to the southwestern corner of Western Australia

The Iiwi (Hawaiian Honey Creeper)

Whiskered Treeswift, found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand

The Bearded Vulture
(Photo by Manuela Kulpa)

Costa’s Hummingbird, showing a flared gorget when another male came too close to his territory.
(Photo by Jeff Wendorff)

The Araripe Manakin of Brazil was discovered in 1996 and is a critically endangered species that is down to about 50 birds and is threatened by habitat destruction.

Orange-backed Troupial, found in Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru
(Photo by Miguel César)

The Violaceous Trogon, found in humid forests in the Amazon basin of South America and on the island of Trinidad
(Photo by Alex Thomson on Flickr)

Silver-throated Tanager, resident from Costa Rica, through Panama and western Colombia, to western Ecuador
(Photo by Chris Jimenez on Flickr)

Snowy owl

Brandt’s Cormorant, found on the Pacific Coast of North America
(Photo by punkbirdr on Flickr)

The Red-billed Leiothrix, native to the Indian subcontinent

Baby Kookaburra, terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea

The Plumbeous Water Redstart, found in South Asia, Southeast Asia and China

Leucistic Willow Warbler (Leucism is a condition in animals characterized by reduced pigmentation.)
(Photo by Liz Leyden)

Boreal Owl
(Photo by Bill McMullen)

The Gartered Trogon, found in forests in Mexico, Central America, and northwestern South America
(Photo by Álvaro Cubero Vega)

White- faced Whistling Ducks

Pink-throated Twinspot, a type of finch (you can tell by the beak) found in Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland

The Green Magpie, found from the lower Himalayas in northeastern India in a broad southeasterly band down into Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo

The interesting looking (and named) Ocellated Antbird, found in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama (Photo by Judd Patterson)

Siberian Ruby-throat

Ivory-breasted Pitta, endemic to Indonesia

The Rufous-backed Sibia, found in Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam
(Photo by Alex Vargas)

Great Grey Owl
(Photo by Sven Zacek)

African Fish Eagle

The Red Bishop, common in wetlands and grassland in Africa south of the Equator.

A ruby-crowned kinglet.

The Blood Pheasant, widespread and fairly common in eastern Himalayas, across India, Nepal, Bhutan, and China.

Golden Palm Weaver, found in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania
(Photo by Olivier Delaere)

The Purplish- mantled Tanager of South America

Ruby Topaz Hummingbird , found in the Lesser Antilles and tropical South America
(Photo by David. G. Hemmings)

Rufous-bellied Niltava, found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand

Bicolored Antpitta, found in Colombia and Ecuador

Yellow-headed Blackbird, found in North America, west of the Great Lakes.

The Spotted Towhee (which I learned by its former name: Rufus-sided Towhee).

A White Tawny Owl—highly unusual color for a Tawny.

Blue-winged Warbler, a North American songbird.(Photo by Matthew Studebaker)

The Hooded Visorbearer, a hummingbird found only in Brazil. It’s classified as “near threatened” due to habitat loss. What a spectacular-looking bird

Rufous Sibia, found in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, ranging across India, Nepal and Bhutan. (Not to be confused with the Rufus-backed Sibia)

African Golden Oriole, found south of the Sahara

Iyon’s Festival of Lights

Philips has teamed up with french artist severine fontaine in the realization of an 80-meter long centerpiece for lyon’s festival of lights (from december 5 to 8, 2014) transforming the banks of the river rhône into a luminous landscape. powered by philips’ color kinetics LED connected lighting technology, ’incandescence’ features nine illuminated domes in the shape of incandescent bulbs, spanning the length of a football pitch. a dynamic show, lasting 6 minutes, explores the human race’s symbiotic relationship with light, using the iconic glass shape to represent the connection that humans have had historically with artificial light.

severine fontaine + philips illuminate lyon for the festival of lights

severine fontaine lyon festival of lights

severine fontaine lyon festival of lights

severine fontaine lyon festival of lights

Awesome Food carvings – Part II

By Shankar Murali

By Shankar Murali

By Emm KC Animo

By Nghĩa Đặng

Carrot Birds by Shanker Murali

By Chinese Artist 雪海

Cute Pumpkin by Rogie Vizcarra Jr.

By Elan Chezhian

By Khim Bahadur

By Khim Bahadur

By Khaled Badawe

Soap carving by Emm KC Animo

By Riju Kv

By Olga Pizhamova

By Malsha Fernando

By Malsha Fernando

By Tukaram More

Ian Sebastian

By Khim Bahadur

By Pavel Pavlidis

By Chef Aqeel Abbas

Subhakanta Roul

By Khim Bahadur

Kindheart Dip

FLowers – Beauty folded in Petals

by ajkabajka

Praying Angels Orchids

Icy Rose

“Henri Matisse” Rose

Carolina Lily

Orange Gerbera


Purple Duranta

Queen Anne’s Lace

Pineapple Guava Flowers

One wild-looking Pansy

Coconut Ice Sunflower

Yellow Daylilies (Photo by Rona Black)

Tulip (Photo by Koizum)

Lotus flower (Photo by Bahman Farzad)

Blue Beaked Yucca

Saguaro Cactus Flowers

Hepatica and bud, native to central and northern Europe, Asia, and eastern North America



A rose named after Helen Hayes

A white hellebore, speckled with red

‘Frizzle Sizzle Blue’ Viola
(Photo by Jeanne May)

All images collection by Toni Bernhard of How to Be, Book Author on Facebook

3D Photography by David Copithorne

3D Photography by David Copithorne

Creative cakes for the festive season

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Sid Khullar


By thehealthleader.com

By Swati Deepanshu Verma

By Khushboo Kothari

By Ruchira Hoon-Philip

The Annual Christmas Cake-A-Thon!
baked 179 cakes and 22 muffins without a break by Rahul Arora

By Seema Tyagi

By Shreya Ravi Prakash

By Sarita Dsouza

Edible coke tins with our most popular red velvet flavour by cakes N Craft

By Chetan Bhardwaj

By Sangeetha Priya

By Anjali Ahuja

By Sarita Dsouza

By Sarita Dsouza

By Nekita Damani Chandak

Kitchen Cake by Meena Relan

By DrShalini MohanPradhaan

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

Chocolate spoons – A perfect gift for kids on children’s day By Cakes N Craft

Awesome cakes at Cakes N Craft by Jasmine

Website to find a Difference Between any two similar terms

Differencebetween.net not only facilitates your understanding of a topic, but it also enables you to differentiate two similar subjects. The site provides you with instant information on various topics. The subjects are organized into a range of categories from ‘Business’ to ‘Technology’. We compile and unify multiple reliable resources for each topic onto a single page, so then readers can gather adequate information very quickly and effortlessly. We are eager to share our wealth of knowledge with you, so keep browsing and share your thoughts with us when necessary.

Images used in our site are either public domain images obtained from wikimedia.org or photos taken by us.
DifferenceBetween.net in the Press

“Wondering what the difference is between men and women? Or maybe you want to know the difference between a violin and a fiddle, an apostle and a disciple, an arbitrator and a mediator, or white eggs and brown eggs?” – Faculty of Engineering News,  McMaster University, August 2009

“The nature of the research depends on the subject at hand. For example, for more science-specific topics, information is gathered from sources such as research articles, journals, books and reliable websites like universities,…..” – The Spec

“How do white eggs differ from brown, and Miss from Ms.? Canadian site has answers” – MetroNews, Toronto

You can visit the website here: Difference Between

White Beauty

Road to Santa Claus Lapland by johnsson

Walking through the Winter Woods by OrtBaldauf

Night view of snowy morning by kkeehwan

Follow the Tracks Alice by Snas1

Made In Iceland by kristinnr

flowing in by darkelfphotography

Big Hat by fuji2013legend

Icelandic sunrise by BeboyPhotographies

Frigid by kahkityoong

Sweet dreams… by bobobird http://ift.tt/1zJslLj

Canmore December Sky by sunrise_john11

winter morning by tatsuoyamaguchi http://ift.tt/12IIJAw

*** by rgdernio

Polar night #2 by holofoten

Tonal Range Forest, Snoqualmie River Valley, Duvall, Washington by longbachnguyen

Between the snow by alextrowski

Maelstrom by PaulZizkaPhoto

Castle Neuschwanstein by luiscarv_pt

White on White by susanbreau http://ift.tt/1w9i0ZK

Stetind and the lady by zsooozs

Schwabacher’s Landing II by buckswildlifephotography

30seconds reine by Oliver_Schratz

Spięcie by robertbabisz http://ift.tt/1IusEQ1

My beautiful Ísold by AnnaGudmundsdottir http://ift.tt/12IQN4d

Moonlight by yanzhang

Solitude by info267

Secrets of the Forest by ErwinBuske

Lake Minnewanka and Pakakos Mountain by steve_blackwell

Winterlandschaft by chrellger

Listen to me by RonchiStefano http://ift.tt/1yvRNqk

Snæfellsnes mountains by DagurJonsson

Lohas by nscho777

Sunrise and Sunset – Beyond camera clicks

Mountain Sunrise by Sweet_Shot

The Valley by davidharoldd

Mt Hood sunrise from frozen Trillium lake by nachiketrajderkar

winter dusk by noom

Stargazing by StergosSkulukas

kirkjufell sunset by celsomollo

Pink morning by BhumsooKim

Above the Fog by umlungu64

Hilen argia by inakibolumburu

Morning Sun at Mesa Arch by LouLu

A GLORIUS WINTER DAY by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Beautiful sunset… by alekseimalygin

Sunset in the summer at Saguenay by normandgaudreault

Sunset into the trees by KarlGirardet

Second Sight by wildcamerakevin

Sunset at the marina by Nico54

Pier by michalolech

Rise Of The Fallen by williampatino

Catching the Sunset by mshurrab881

On the wings of freedom

For the Amsterdam Light Festival, which goes on from now through January 2015, Italian design studio Aether & Hemera has created On the Wings of Freedom, a radiant cloud of hundreds of butterflies that hover above the ground. The dazzling installation can be found along the walking route of the festival, at Wertheimpark. Visitors with a smartphone are welcome to change the lighting effects which means they can manipulate the colors and patterns of light.