Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path Inspired by a Van Gogh Painting

Van Gogh-Roosegaard Bicycle Path by Studio Roosegaarde

The Dutch-based Studio Roosegaarde just unveiled a stunning illuminated trail in Nuenen, Netherlands. Called Van Gogh-Roosegaard Bicycle Path, it’s based on the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting The Starry Night. This kilometer-long section is part of a cycle route through the province of Noord Brabant, where the artist was born and raised.

The swirling surface patterns are coated with a special paint that gathers enough energy during the day to glow after dark. In addition, there are LEDs along the sides of certain curves that cast extra light, and this means that the path is still partially lit if the weather is too cloudy to adequately charge it.

This display is both gorgeous and performs a valuable public service; cyclists now have a better way to see in the dark. And, it’s not the first time that Studio Roosegaarde has created something for the greater social good. They recently launched a pilot Smart Highway that uses the same photo-luminescent paint to mark the edges of the road.

Studio Roosegaarde website

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