World’s biggest Aircraft equivalent to the size of Football Stadium is getting ready to fly by March

British company Hybrid Air Vehicle (HAV)’s largest aircraft Air-lander – 10 will take it’s flight next month.

This aircraft equivalent to the size of a football stadium can carry itself in the air till a fortnight. The flight will be operated from the Britain’s Bedfordshire.

Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger aircraft till date with a length of 72.7 meters, width of 79.8 meters and height of 24.1 meters.

The bottom base of this airbus is filled with helium which is the reason for it’s bigger size and it will help the aircraft in taking off and landing. The helium base will also help it to fly (take off and landing) like a helicopter.

48 passengers can fly on the aircraft along with the aircraft crew and can move around the cabins and have the outer view from this aircraft’s comfort zone.

On the test drive this aircraft will fly at the heights of 4000 feets and for 17.25 miles only.

HAV was earlier undertaking this project for the American army, but due to the cost cutting in the defense budgets, American army has withdrawn the contract. At the same time British Government and other dignitaries have shown interest and provide aid to this project. Plane’s bottom base is made up of special fabric which makes it strong and viable.

Air-lander can fly from London to Paris in 2.5 hours. It’s maximum speed is 92 mph and a capacity of 48 passengers. It is 92 meters long, 43.5 meters wide and has a height of 26 meters. It can fly for two weeks in air and has a capacity to carry 10 tons of weight. It is also environment friendly and produces less sound and air pollution, with less carbon emission than other planes and can even fly in extreme climate conditions. It also doesn’t require any runway to take flight.

It’s successful test drive will provide new hopes to the inventors.

Source: Dailyhunt






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