It’s a story of a website which provides all your needs for luxury and fine living

Here goes the story:

The story of Ealuxe starts in Romania, Europe, in 2011 when the founder and current CEO, Emil Anton, started a tumblr blog which in time build a solid audience and became one of the most followed blogs in the luxury niche!

With thousands of followers behind, in May 2013, timing was just right to move to a more professional platform and that’s how the present came to be.

Currently providing value for 250,000+ unique visitors each month, the site offers daily inspiration and advice for those that look to improve their lifestyle design and also qualitative information when it comes to the most luxurious and finest experiences life has to offer!

In just the few months of constantly publishing quality content, Ealuxe has come to be regarded as the fastest growing luxury website in the world and grabbed the attention of authority websites in its niche as the luxury website to keep an eye for!

Visit Ealuxe here :


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