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Seattle Artist Creates Beautiful Collages with Flowers and Plants

Using a vivid imagination and a sharp eye for gathering plants, Bridget Beth Collins turns relics of nature into beautifully lush collages that form delightfully whimsical scenes.

The Pacific Northwest artist forages materials for her pictures from the area surrounding her Seattle home and arranges the pieces into intricate shapes that create a distinctive sense of depth. With her touch, flower petals can transform into regally feathered birds, berries can become sea creatures, and leaves can turn into human faces.

Collins’ love of nature was fostered at a young age, when she traipsed through magnificent mountain meadows during backpacking trips and let her imagination run free in her backyard every afternoon. She pretended she was a fairy and gathered plants to press in books at home. Now, as an adult, Collins continues to be inspired by nature. She says ideas for new pictures constantly jump out at her as she goes about her day. “I go for a walk in my neighborhood or bring a bouquet home from the market and I see a whale’s tail in a shamrock leaf, or a snake’s scales in the sedum,” she says.

Creative cakes for the festive season

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Sid Khullar


By thehealthleader.com

By Swati Deepanshu Verma

By Khushboo Kothari

By Ruchira Hoon-Philip

The Annual Christmas Cake-A-Thon!
baked 179 cakes and 22 muffins without a break by Rahul Arora

By Seema Tyagi

By Shreya Ravi Prakash

By Sarita Dsouza

Edible coke tins with our most popular red velvet flavour by cakes N Craft

By Chetan Bhardwaj

By Sangeetha Priya

By Anjali Ahuja

By Sarita Dsouza

By Sarita Dsouza

By Nekita Damani Chandak

Kitchen Cake by Meena Relan

By DrShalini MohanPradhaan

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

By Cakes N Craft

Chocolate spoons – A perfect gift for kids on children’s day By Cakes N Craft

Awesome cakes at Cakes N Craft by Jasmine

Kris kuksi’s Antiquity in the faux at Mark Moore Gallery


 Kris Kuksi’s “Antiquity in the Faux” at Mark Moore Gallery

While Kris Kuksi’s baroque assemblages (first covered in HF Vol. 19) have an ornate aesthetic suited for marble or gilded bronze, his work is composed of carefully-chosen collections of commonplace, throwaway objects. Kuksi assembles dolls, jewelry, model parts and various consumerist debris into monumental dioramas. Within them, his characters are embroiled in a chaotic drama of violence and sex, which Kuksi carefully contains into symmetrical, harmonious compositions that appear deceptively decorative at a first glance. The Kansas-based artist will be showing his new body of work for his solo show, “Antiquity in the Faux,” opening at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles on November 15.


Reaching for the Sky (USA) – awesome photography by Wayne Pinkson

Reaching for the Sky* (USA) by Wayne Pinkston || Website || Facebook

Kaleidoscopic Glass Installations

Kaleidoscopic Glass Installations by Olafur Eliasson

For more information visit: Olafur Eliasson

Marvelous Drawings

Wonderful drawings by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, for more pictures visit the below link

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich