Beautiful 3D Giraffe – only people with focused mind can see the image.

It will take a while to figure out what’s hidden.

Open the picture full screen.
Place the picture at the tip of your nose.
Then focus on the picture and move it slowly away from your nose without blinking your eyes.
Isn’t it amazing.

There is a alluring 3D giraffe.

Click here for alike beautiful image of a 3D Butterfly which also you can view with a focused mind only.


18 thoughts on “Beautiful 3D Giraffe – only people with focused mind can see the image.”

  1. Who is the Creator of this Giraffe 3D? Could you please ask the total number of Giraffes in it? I saw 6 one time. Most of the time I can see three. I can see 1 all the time.


  2. curious as to what is implied by a focused mind ?. Any ways, this is actually very cool. Even though I knew what to expect, the level of excitement it gave when I did see it , was a buzz ☺️ . Excellent illusion


    1. Thanks RiddleWrappedEnigma. At the very first glance you can’t find the hidden beauty, sometimes ever after looking at it several times, you actually require a focused vision to embrace the real picture.


    1. Adjust your vision for the 3D one. You will be beautitude with the enormous beauty of the one big facing right. No other is there. If you are viewing more than one, then I suppose its not the 3D one.


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