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This sleeping baby has No Idea she’s gone viral

Thanks to her mother who made her pictures go viral using her creativity and talent.

Los Angeles-based mother Laura Izumikawa Choi has a seemingly endless array of adventurous ideas for her four-month-old daughter Joey Marie’s nap time.

Her story is quiet similar to the one we published few months earlier. Both the stories are loaded with creativity and adventurous ideas. Have a look at the previous story images here which are even more adventurous than these ones by which this talented mom has narrated a totally different story in each image.

The baby’s photos have received more than 100,000 likes.

View Similar story here. The images narrate far more creative stories.

Courtesy: CCTV

Realistic Knit Fruits and Veggies Look Good Enough to Eat by MapleApple

Knit Fruits and Veggies Toys Look Good Enough to Eat by  MapleApple

MapleApple, a Lativa based mother and daughter duo, knit a realistic fruits and veggies solely from wool and acrylic yarn. Beautiful real looking creations of garlic, bell pepper, radish, chili, potatoes, corn, turnips, carrots, lemons, and leeks are available as individual pieces or sold together as large sets. All pieces are child-safe and you can see much more in their shop.

Pretend play vegetables - Waldorf soft toy - educational gift - knitted play food beetroot carrot leek lemon chili plushie - Play kitchen

Bell pepper toy - pretend play yellow Jon's head pepper soft toy - amigurumi capsicum - Waldorf educational toy - kitchen decor centerpiece

Play food chili - Waldorf toy vegetables pretend play Gardening with kids red hot chili pepper knitted educational gift Chili cookoff trophy

Potatoes play food - Spring gardening vegetables - Waldorf toddler toy amigurumi potato - knitted woolen brown potatoes - pretend play food

Soft toy corn - Pretend play vegetables - Montessori shopping game - harvest knitted vegetable yellow green sweet corn educational play food

Eggplant pretend play food - Purple aubergine - gift for gardener - Waldorf educational soft toy - knitted food - Montessori gardening toy












Artist turns her New York home into a psychedelic retreat

Artist turns her New York home into a psychedelic retreat when American artist kat o’sullivan purchased a run-down 1840s residence in upstate new york, she planned for its total reconstruction into a psychedelic retreat, painted in a spectrum of rainbow hues and large-scale frescoes. Since then, she and partner mason brown have added oddly shaped windows, vibrantly colored exterior paneling and a pink front door to their home, transforming it into ‘calico’. black-painted trim gives the entire scheme a cartoon-like quality, as if torn from the pages of a comic magazine. a hand-painted mural illustrated near the roof draws out the shape of smiling mouth, while two adjacent window-frames serve as the eyes of the architectural face.

artist turns her new york home into a psychedelic retreat

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

o’sullivan has added oddly shaped windows to exterior

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

colorful exterior paneling is painted in a spectrum of rainbow hues

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

black painted outlines give the entire exterior a cartoon-like quality

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

murals painted near the roof illustrate a smiling face, completed by window frames acting like eyes

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

the artist’s bus parked outside is colorized with a similar stylistic approach

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

vibrant shades are painted onto the walls of the home

kat o’sullivan psychedelic home in new york home

working on the residence.


Kris kuksi’s Antiquity in the faux at Mark Moore Gallery


 Kris Kuksi’s “Antiquity in the Faux” at Mark Moore Gallery

While Kris Kuksi’s baroque assemblages (first covered in HF Vol. 19) have an ornate aesthetic suited for marble or gilded bronze, his work is composed of carefully-chosen collections of commonplace, throwaway objects. Kuksi assembles dolls, jewelry, model parts and various consumerist debris into monumental dioramas. Within them, his characters are embroiled in a chaotic drama of violence and sex, which Kuksi carefully contains into symmetrical, harmonious compositions that appear deceptively decorative at a first glance. The Kansas-based artist will be showing his new body of work for his solo show, “Antiquity in the Faux,” opening at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles on November 15.