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Your purpose in life is an opportunity to leave your mark on this world.

Your purpose in life can affect how you will be remembered. Ask yourself how you can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

A big question hits on people’s mind is Why Am I here?

Here are the 5 things to reflect on to discover your own meaning of life originally published at

“Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.” —Tom Thiss

Have you discovered your purpose—why you’re here, what you’re meant to do? How do you know when you have? And why do you need to find it?

Because it’s where you find fulfillment and satisfaction. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and makes time fly. “Your purpose may be to be an incredible parent, teacher or nurse, or to bring joy to people through the arts,” writes well-being author James McWhinney. “Your purpose is highly important regardless of the size or scale of reach—every single person has an important role to play.”

Some people seem to be born knowing what brings them joy and meaning. Most of us, though, need help figuring it out for ourselves. Here are 5 questions to get started:

1. What makes me feel happy and alive?

Your purpose is often related to what you love to do. It might—or might not—be connected to your career, or you might find it while volunteering or in your favorite hobby. Think about what you most look forward to and consider how you can expand those activities into more of your life.

2. What am I good at?

Don’t be so humble! We all have talents and skills—what are yours? You might have the ability to build things, the patience to be a mentor or the vision of a leader. You’ll find more success in using natural strengths than in trying to get rid of your self-perceived weaknesses.

3. If income didn’t matter, what would I be doing?

This question often leads directly to the discovery of your purpose. The answer can point you in the direction of your true happiness. Maybe you work in a large corporation but dream of being an entrepreneur. Don’t let yourself get stuck; start taking small steps to reach your goal.

4. How can I add greater value to the world?

When you take time to become self-aware, you can see where to use your knowledge and skills. You might be passionate about helping the elderly, building a new playground for the neighborhood or changing laws in your city. Each of us has unique interests that can be used to make the world a better place.

5. What will be my legacy?

Your purpose in life can affect how you will be remembered; it’s an opportunity to leave your mark on the world. Ask yourself how you can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

When you begin to consider your purpose, you are on your way to the happiness and enthusiasm that will enrich your life, and the lives of others. Your natural focus will drive you to reach your goals—and you will become successful, on your own terms. Why not start today?


How to have Sky is the limit mindset?

Sky’s the limit mindset starts by acknowledging where you are and taking some time to truly feel appreciation for it.

Five things you need in order to have and maintain a sky’s-the-limit mindset are:

1. Want what you have now.

The best place to start is exactly where you are. Yes, indeed you need goals and aspirations to be truly successful.

2. Own it.

Own the responsibility where you are right now. Know that this moment, this place is 100 percent the results of the choices you have made.

3. Use it.

Own where you are, then use that to fuel your inner fire for bigger thinking. When you want to quit that jog early, sleep in or skip a phone call, no one is going to berate you for it. You’ll start to say no to the voices in your head that say you can’t do something. You’ll start to argue with those doubts and fears and use them to fuel you onward, instead of hold you back.

4. Forget ABC, you need ABH.

If you really want big success, change that mantra to ABH — always be helping. As Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Creating value changes the way you think and that changes the way you live your life.

5. Replace the word problem

When you stop using the word problem something amazing happens. Every obstacle becomes an opportunity. You really can find the good in every situation presented to you.

Find the value, and you’ll be embracing sky’s-the-limit thinking.

This article was originally published at Read in detail here.

Stop limiting yourself with doubt and start accomplishing your dreams today.

“Somehow between childhood and adulthood, many of us quash our natural inclinations to dream and do big. Tiger kids become scaredy-cat adults, hampered by self-limiting beliefs.”

Most of the struggles we go through in life comes from our self limiting beliefs”

Stop limiting yourself with doubt, and start accomplishing your dreams today with this advice.

Surround yourself with “positive people who do great things. They make us realize what we are capable of.”

When you replace negative limits in your beliefs about yourself with positive images that focus on your potential, “your success increases exponentially.”

“Self-limiting beliefs are everywhere and a part of all of us, to greater or lesser degree,” says Bruce Frankel, author of What Should I Do With the Rest of My Life?”

Put another way: Eliminating self-limiting beliefs is entirely doable.

A first step in moving forward is to recognize that you need to get out of your own way to get ahead.

The second step is to know that many self-doubters aren’t even aware that they are their own enemies—they constantly seek permission or approval before moving forward. If you’re perpetually working toward another “qualification, certification, designation or degree,” odds are you’re stalling and need to have a frank talk with yourself.

In order to conquer self-limiting beliefs, taking action is key. “Motion beats meditation.” Positive quotes and inspiring refrigerator magnets will only go so far. You won’t move forward until you move to get out of your own way.

To read four common self-limiting beliefs and the action steps you can use to bust through them, starting today read the full article here.

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What BS in the Workplace Looks Like & How to Cut It

By Darnyelle Jervey

Published at Success Magazine

At the beginning of my career, I used to get caught up in something I now call the Bottleneck Syndrome (BS). I worked hard to impress my superiors and get recognized as a team leader, but I was neglecting myself and, equally as important, my family and friends.

I could have easily blamed it on being new, but the truth is new and seasoned employees struggle to find the right balance in work and life. I’d argue that we should be trying to establish a career to build a life.

Not sure if you’re suffering from BS? Let me ask you this, have you checked in with your vision of a great life lately? Before it wreaks havoc in your life, keep an eye out for signs like these:

• You watch your co-workers leave for the evening while you sneak in another half an hour of “face time” at the office. Someone told you that working late was the sign of a leader, perhaps a leader is someone who has created effective systems and gets more done each day so that they don’t have to work late.

• Instead of saying “no” when a new project is offered, you say yes because you want to be a team player. What if being a leader was about knowing when to say no so that someone else could step up and build their skills?

• When it’s time to spend time with family or friends, you’re so tired from work that you’d rather do absolutely nothing. Or worse, you’re not really present, constantly checking email because you feel you “have” to work.

The truth is, you don’t have to work—you have to live.

It took me awhile before I figured out how to successfully mitigate the BS—how to be an active contributor by day and a free spirited friend, girlfriend and sister at night.

Here are some of the lessons I learned that I still carry with me today:

1. Set clear personal goals that align with your vision for your life.

One of the biggest lessons I ever learned is to make sure that once a year, usually in December, I sit with my vision and build my yearlong goals around it. I also take that time to update my vision board (a visual representation of what I am working toward in the next year). I truly believe that when you are clear on where you’re going, the journey is much more enjoyable.

As you look hard at your vision, here are some things to consider:

• What’s your life description?  Don’t get me wrong, having a career is rewarding, but you are more than your job title. What else is important to you?

• If you were free to be yourself and enjoy what’s most important to you, what would that look like?

2. Live in the 8’s.

I learned this one from Brian Tracy—eight hours to work, eight hours to sleep and eight hours to enjoy what’s most important to you, be it family, vacationing, hobbies.

I have lived by this principle, and it helps me be the best version of who I am.

3. Focus on what you can control.

In my opinion, BS starts when you have to be in control. Of course, I get it—I am, after all, a graduate of “If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself” University. But as I’ve gotten older, the hustle and grind gets less rewarding and time enjoying my life becomes my main focus.

I have taken stock of what creates negative emotions for me—and I nip them in the bud. By focusing on what I want and what I can control, I have shifted my energy and released the bottleneck.

4. Secure your air mask first.

When the flight attendants are giving the safety instructions before takeoff, they say if the cabin loses pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from above your seat—secure your mask before helping those with you. 

The same applies to all facets of life. We are no good to anyone if we are suffering from BS. So by going back to tip #1 and setting a vision for your life, you will ensure that those along for the ride will have an enjoyable experience with a refreshed, focused and present you.

5. Set an end to your day, every day.

This one is a Stephen Covey favorite for me. I also learned this around the time that I had my last outbreak of BS. I realized that by creating and working from a daily “top three things to do” list, I could achieve a daily win and, most importantly, set an end to my workday. I had to learn how to prioritize, but when I did, my life balance drastically improved.

BS is a bad habit. But by applying these strategies consistently, you’ll see a new habit emerge—a habit that positions you to live life on purpose.