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World’s 1st Magnetic Refrigerator launched which can play the role of “Superfridge”

French firm Cooltech Applications has launched what it claims as the world’s first commercially available magnetic refrigeration system. It can serve as a “Superfridge” slashing down both the environmental as well as economic challenges which the current electricity appliances face.

The firm says this system will work without the use of any refrigerant gas, and can be used in everything from a medical refrigerator (pictured) or a display case to a wine cellar

The Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS)  achieves refrigeration by passing a water coolant through magnetocaloric materials undergoing repeated magnetization-demagnetization cycles. Glycol water is used as a coolant fluid to transfer heat between cold and hot sources.The system works on the concept of magnetocaloric effect.

The system works without any refrigerant gas, making it more environmentally efficient than conventional refrigerators.

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Three floors first aeroplane in the world – The Future of Aviation Industry

Futuristic new aeroplane with shopping mall, suit rooms, swimming pool on top. Three floors first aeroplane in the world. – The Future of the aviation industry.


A team from Airport Parking & Hotels and Imperial College London has also brainchild and predicted A glimpse of what air travel will look like in 2050?


The Airports Of The Future Could Become Hi-tech Pleasure Domes
Source: Designrulz

Airbus reveals the future of flight, with panoramic windows and games rooms on planes.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk