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Elon Musk reveals his vision to set up colony on Mars within a decade.


This robot could be the benchmark at Swachh Bharat Mission replacing cleaning men everywhere

The ROAR project (Robot based Autonomous Refuse handling), is a system in it’s prototype phase where an autonomous robot works with a drone to pick up trash from the locations and collect it within the garbage truck.

The project which is funded by the Volvo group is being invented by more than 30 students from different universities. This robot can replace the cleaning / garbage men totally, once the project is fully functional. The project was announced by the Volvo group in September.

The robot is equipped with sensors and camera on top of the truck which navigates it and keeps it away from the obstacles. The process is being tested and it also has an inbuilt emergency break to avoid collision with any object or suppose a child is running. The robot will automatically stop in such a situation. It can also change it’s way if the sensor detects any obstacle on the way.

Watch here how the project works:


Have you heard about Smart luggage? Here are the two products by Neit and Barracuda

Smart luggage with Smart features presented by Barracuda

4 wheeled hard shell cover Collapsible to 4 inches + Ergonomic Handle + Build in tray + USB Power + Location Tracking + Easy open flap

Smart luggage with smart features presented by Neit

Protective 4-wheeled Hard-shelled luggage that collapses to 3 inches when not in use + hangable handle + GPS + connected travel app

Neit Collapsible hard Shelled waterproof luggage with built in GPS


Three floors first aeroplane in the world – The Future of Aviation Industry

Futuristic new aeroplane with shopping mall, suit rooms, swimming pool on top. Three floors first aeroplane in the world. – The Future of the aviation industry.


A team from Airport Parking & Hotels and Imperial College London has also brainchild and predicted A glimpse of what air travel will look like in 2050?


The Airports Of The Future Could Become Hi-tech Pleasure Domes
Source: Designrulz

Airbus reveals the future of flight, with panoramic windows and games rooms on planes.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk