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What’s so special about a £99 ice-cream adding it to the list of the World’s most expensive ice-cream?

Are you willing to spend £99 for an ice-cream?

You need to check your pockets before enjoying the “Billionaire’s Soft Serve.” It’s not just an ordinary ice-cream, there’s much goodies added to it to make it so costly.

The Billionaire’s Soft Serve is literally an edible gold, filled with rare luxury goodies, topped with raspberry sorbet macaron which is topped with edible diamonds. To craft one cone it takes 4 hours and that adds to it’s cost.

A chocolate flake covered in a 24 carat gold leaf adds to it’s deliciousness. Also topped with a white Belgian truffle filled caramel sauce and two gelato spheres.

A pipette filled with mango, ginger and passion fruit sauce and a gold chocolate spoon adds to it’s beauty.

With added gold leaves the waffle cone is dipped in rare Madagascan chocolate on which golden pearls are mounted by hand one by one.

Bottom of the cone is filled with a spoonful of caramelised pecans and then the cone is filled thrice with salted caramel gelato.

The ice-cream weights 350gms and it takes more than four hours to craft one cone.

Snowflake is on sale at the six Snowflake Luxury Gelato Boutiques, in London.

Have a view at their offers here at their site Snowflake Luxury Gelato

Have a view on it’s making here:


Can you imagine to sleep or dine in two countries at the same time? Yes, it’s happening here.

Can you imagine to sleep or dine in two countries at the same time?

You might think it to be a dream or an imagination, but it’s true and here’s how?

Have you heard about the unique Arbez Hotel located on the France – Swiss border? The uniqueness of this hotel is that it has some rooms which are located on the border and allows the visitors to stay in two countries at the same time.

Diego Gonzalez/

Image Credit: Roland Zumbuehl/Wikimedia Commons

In some of the rooms of this hotel, guests can sleep with their heads in France while their feet in Switzerland or vice versa as the border runs right through the hotel ― and in some rooms, it runs right through the beds. While in some cases a bedroom lies in Switzerland and it’s bathroom in France.

The bed in the honeymoon suite is split between the two countries, and another guest room is entirely in Switzerland, though its adjoining bathroom is in France. So you can enjoy the trip to two countries at the same time while staying at this hotel particularly.

The restaurant of the hotel also lies on the border and it features both local French and Swiss cuisine giving it’s visitors a special experience where you can benefit from two cultures and traditions.

Diego González/

At the dining room at Hotel Arbez you can eat in Switzerland or France — or both if you sit at this table.

The hotel’s website reads as “Two nations sleep in the same bed and eat at the same table.”

To read more on how this hotel came to exist in the first place click here.

World’s most expensive dining experience – Would you like to go for $2 million dinner?

Marina Bay Sands, one of the key attractions and the costliest hotel of Singapore has a restaurant named Ce La Vi at it’s rooftop which is serving the world’s most luxurious and exclusive dinning experience for two people.
Ce La Vi on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands Image Credit: Ce La Vi

The restaurant has collaborated with a Russian Diamond company “World of Diamonds” for a experience which will last for eight hours. The dinner will be presented with 10000 roses and an 18 course meal, and includes a 45 minutes helicopter ride over Singapore, some time in a luxury cruise, and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce ride to Ce La Vi and a 2.08 carat diamond ring.

It also promises that the dinner will be eaten by diamond chopsticks with the diners’ names engraved on them. The dinner includes all sorts of other decadent elements such as Belon oysters, Almas Caviar — supposedly the most expensive variety — and only 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines.

And at the end of the meal, the couple will be presented with a 2.08 carat blue diamond ring with a rose-gold plated platinum band, that World of Diamonds has named after actress Jane Seymour.

mage: World of Diamonds

The companies have not yet said when the meal will commence, but have noted that interested applicants will be screened, and they will select the lucky duo for this luxurious dining experience.

read more at Mashable.

Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahouse’ homes are partially submerged and totally futuristic





People In This world Are So Obsessed With Gold That Even Bappi Lahiri Looks Very Poor

By Sonali Mushahary

Originally Published at: Scoopwhoop

All that glitters is not gold.

These loony people have dared to prove it wrong.

Everybody accuses good ol Bappi Da for committing tacky gold crimes. But once you see what these guys have done, you’ll stop pointing fingers at poor Bappi. I meant that literally.

1. Datta ‘Gold Man’ Phuge – The businessman with a 3.5kg gold shirt worth Rs 1.42 crore

For this businessman from Pune, everything that glitters has to be gold. 15 goldsmiths worked 16 hours a day for 20 days, hammering 140,000 small pieces of gold, fastened with red Swarovsky crystals, to make Phuge’s dream come true.

And then he dresses it up with 7 kgs of gold accessories.

Just a shirt, are you kidding me?

He would settle for nothing less than a 24k gold suhaag raat worth Rs 3.6 crore

His bride was golden, inside out.

2. Indian politician, Pankaj Parakh, gifts himself a gold shirt worth Rs 1.4 crores on his birthday

A year after Phuge’s gold shirt painted the Internet gold, a National Congress member from Maharashtra ordered a similar monstrosity. “My family is hardly impressed or interested in my love for gold. They just ignore and accept it as a part of domestic life. But the rest of my extended family thinks I am weird,” Parakh told reporters. We wonder why.

3. Arab royalty gift their kids gold loos

Don’t be surprised, this is one of the less eccentric things Arabs do.

4. Kim and Kanye have FOUR gold toilets, worth $750,000. Take that Arabs!

And those aren’t the most precious ass-ets they have.

Imagine the extravagance, when most of us won’t even be able to afford even this:

5. When this Mexican cartel leader wanted a gold AK 47. He got it.

Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez was arrested in 2012 and his precious toy was confiscated.

But, Pozos don’t give a shit!

6. This artist invented pills that will turn your poop golden

If you can’t afford a gold loo, that’s alright. For $ 425, you can poop bricks, gold bricks. Thanks, Mr. Tobias Wong, you are the shit!

7. And then someone even auctioned his gold plated poop for $ 500,000

Terence Koh created some expensive shitty  art, quite literally. What amuses me is that someone even bought it!

8. The heights of pointlessness: Gold Nano worth Rs 22 crores

Goldplus Jewellery, a product of Titan, unveiled this abomination in 2011 to celebrate India’s 5000 years jewellery-making industry. 80 kgs of gold, 20 kgs of silver, hundreds of diamonds and precious stones… and the same impotent engine.

9. Gold dress for $ 124,760. Because jewellery is too mainstream.

Turkish jeweller, Ahmet Atakan, created this outfit that lets you show off your wealth… and a lot of skin.

10. Lady Gaga made Wolverine cry with these gold claws

Please don’t hurt me!

What’s that? Death Star?

11. Cash is for the poor. This ATM shits gold bricks.

This vending machine dispenses 320 kinds of gold items including gold bars and gold coins.

12. The world’s most expensive car: Gold Lamborghini worth $ 7.5 million

Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are too poor for this. They rented it out once. This car was made to remind rich people that they’re still poor.

There, there Bappi Da. Want some tissues?


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