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This Mom and daughter duo found their happiness in creating dresses out of produce and capturing the moments.

“Life can be beautiful in every little act you do.”

It depends totally on you how you take it and cherish the moments. This mom has set an example and you can make yours.

Mom, Alya Chaglar, 31-year from Antalya, Turkey, found her joy in creating her daughter’s dresses from the daily produce and flowers while capturing them on camera. While the 3 years old daughter, Stefani, enjoys modelling.

“It all started with a watermelon, when Alya held a slice up to her daughter, who was standing in the distance and the picture of the then 2-year-old came to life,”  she told HuffPost. “She struck a pose spontaneously and her facial expression was hilarious,” she added.

She started posting pictures on her Instagram, and it became a routine for the duo. They now have quite a good (more than 43k) followers on Instagram. Their pictures are not only cute but filled with creativity.

Chaglar said they do a shoot whenever Stefani is an “artistic mood” and Chaglar has a good idea for a “dress.”

Have a view at some of their cutest captures filled with creativity below:


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Finding happiness can be that easy, the only thing is to look around your own.






This Japanese Instagrammer keeps beautiful visual diary of coffee she drinks surrounded by flowers creating incredible piece of art each day.

floral coffee art

Sawa, a Japanese Instagrammer starts her day with a good cup of coffee. But there is something she creates very unique work of art everytime she enjoys her coffee.

In her ongoing series called La Fee De Fleur, Sawa arranges fresh and dried flowers around the cup in an eye-pleasing crescent shape. Afterwards, she documents the ephemeral coffee art and shares it online, where it’s sure to perk you up with its exquisite colors and textures.

The point of La Fee De Fleur is simple but sweet—it’s a visual respite while you’re taking in the morning news. With each message, Sawa offers an optimistic sentiment, from wishing her followers a “Happy Friday” to start their weekend, as well as a “Happy new week,” on Mondays.

floral coffee art

beautiful flower arrangements

creative flower arrangements

coffee art

beautiful flower arrangements

unique flower arrangements

coffee art

floral coffee art

beautiful flower arrangements


morning coffee flower art

morning coffee flower art

morning coffee flower art

artistic flower arrangements

beautiful flower arrangements

Sawa: Instagram

 If you know some other such creative artistic works, you can leave their work in comments.

Guy Knits Postcard Sweaters of Places, Then Takes Picture Wearing Them in Front of the Real Place.

Artist Sam Barsky, rather than buying a t-shirt or a souvenir from a gift shop as majority of people do, does something very unconventional. He brings his own hand-knit, postcard sweaters of the locales he’s visiting.

In 2013, for instance, the Baltimore resident traveled across the pond to see places like Stonehenge and London’s Tower Bridge. To celebrate, he created garments that depicted each place. He then had his picture taken in front of them, all while wearing the sweaters. This meta move is very unusual, but it’s an endearing way to chronicle his travels.

 Barsky has been knitting for 17 years, and he started when he was at a crossroads in life. “I have a learning disability and also a neurological disorder that makes me tired and weak at times,” he told The Yarn Loop. “In 1999 it forced me to leave nursing school—at first I didn’t know what I was going to do.” He learned the craft from the owners of a local yarn shop. “They agreed to teach me how to knit on the condition I buy their yarn. To make a long story short, I’ve fulfilled my yarn buying debt to them and a lot more!”

After first knitting two solid-colored sweaters, Barsky wanted more creativity in his garments. Unable to find something that suited him, he realized that he could “just try to knit a sweater without a pattern.” It was a success and launched Barsky on his long journey to illustrating natural wonders, bustling metropolises, and even creepy crawlers. Each sweater is completely unique—all told, he’s made almost 90 of them, with no plans to stop. We’re looking forward to seeing where his knitting takes him!

Knitted postcard sweaters Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Knitted postcard sweaters